how long is phlebotomy trainingThere are several factors that must be considered to attain a phlebotomy certificate. This is quite necessary if you would like to get a high paying job. However, the main questions that most aspiring phlebotomist ask is, how long is phlebotomy training?

It is vital for you to understand that there are many variant factors that determine how long it takes for you to successfully complete your training. These include; facilities where you want to work as an employee, class attendance – whether you want full or part time classes, and also availability of a reliable education facility near your place of residence. Others would prefer to train online.

How Long Is Phlebotomy Training: Should I Become Certified?

It is paramount that phlebotomy courses involve a hands-on experience. This is another aspect that determines the duration of your training. After completing classroom-based knowledge practical experience are required for all students. A certificate for phlebotomy is essential if you want to be recognized by the government and other related professional organizations.

For you to have a recognized certificate expect an average of 6 months class room work. After which you will have to sit for an exam to ascertain your efficiency in the field. The most common exam is the CPT exam. Note that there are also other exams that you will need to excel in order to rise in the ranks.

On the other hand in certain states, you can become a phlebotomist without proper certification. However, the wages will be relatively lower compared to those that are certified. The question of how long is phlebotomy training is looked into but from a different dimension.

If you prefer this way then the training duration is much shorter. This will take you about 16 weeks of intense training so as to qualify as per American Society Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT) standards. You will also be involved in clinical hours for you to gain the much needed practical experience.

The professional guidelines require your skills and general knowledge to be tested prior to your commencement of the job. This necessitates that you only choose to take your training in institutions that are well equipped and recognized.

Hospitals can offer up to six week of training while most community based colleges offer 1-2 semesters of training. Some private institutions do also offer training in this field and can take you only a few weeks averaging 2-months. Getting phlebotomy certificate for working students has been made easier as some programs are tailor-made and allow students to attend classes only during the weekends.

There are some related courses that are taken to support phlebotomy certificate including the basic life support programs. You can go for a degree course or associate degree program if you want to attain a higher certification. This is what really defines the quality of education and knowledge that you will get. How long is phlebotomy training? It all depends on the level you want to attain. However, good programs will always teach you the necessary tricks of trade. The costs of study vary depending on the quality of education and reputation of the particular institution.

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