phlebotomy certification examOnce an individual has undergone phlebotomy training, they can opt to sit for the phlebotomy certification exam.

Becoming a certified phlebotomist not only increases opportunities of getting high salary jobs, but it also enables one to enjoy better job benefits and of course earn respect from their colleagues .

Why Sit For The Phlebotomy Certification Exam?

These days very few hospitals and other health care facilities will hire a phlebotomist who is not certified. They look for candidates know their job well and can perform tasks assigned to them.

Training Before The Phlebotomy Certification Exam

Before sitting for the phlebotomy certification exam, students are required to undergo training that includes how to identify and find a vein and how to extract blood from patients. Apart from learning the necessary skills, you’ll also learn essential bedside manners. This is needed to help ease the patient’s worries and relax them while having blood extraction.

Generally, aspirants take vocational training which is a short course (approximately 11 weeks). Theoretical studies are offered in 10 weeks while 1 week is for hands-on training (externship).in externship, trainees are allowed to apply what they have studied and learned in their theoretical phlebotomy classes.

Requirements For Phlebotomy Certification

There are three main organizations that are responsible for certifying phlebotomists; association of phlebotomy technicians (APT), american society for clinical pathology and national phlebotomy association. All require passing the ASCP phlebotomy exam and finishing a training program, and may also need some additional requirements including the definite number of blood extraction that were successful, , number of hours in practical training, completion of internship and number of hours that were spent inside the classroom with a professional membership.

But these requirements differ from one organization. Here is a list of requirements for the three organizations;
The Association Of Phlebotomy Technicians (APT)
•Should have completed phlebotomy training program
•Should be a member of APT
•5 times of successful skin punctures
•100 times of successful venipunctures.

National Phlebotomy Association
•Should have studied venipuncture techniques
•160 hours in the classroom excluded the clinical internship
•Must have finished hands-on clinical internship.

American Society For Clinical Pathology
•Must be a high school graduate
•Have 120 hours of hands-on training
•Completion of 40 hours inside the classroom
•100 times of successful blood extraction and collection.

For this reason, students should first look at the requirements before deciding to enrol in a given phlebotomy training session.

Cost Of The Phlebotomy Certification Exam

There are more than one certification exams that people can take, and there’s no limit to the number of examinations one can sit for. Phlebotomy certification tests are offered by 10 agencies and for this reason, cost may differ. ?f money is a priority, then one needs to look for the test that will be least expensive. But people should be wary of placing too much importance on the cost of the exam, and instead focus on choosing a recognized agency.

?n average, one will pay between $50 and $135 for a phlebotomy certification exam. Before choosing an agency, one should check with health care facilities as not all agencies will be recognized by places the person may want to work. This will enable them choose and sit for the correct exam.

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